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Amanda MicheliDocumentary Filmmaker

DCP Transfer saved me a ton of time and money creating copies for all of my film festival submissions. It's the perfect DIY solution for filmmakers on a budget. Festival spec sheets can be intimidating. EXT2 Digital Cinema Standard - What does that mean? DCP Transfer is DCP delivery for dummies.

Eric Garcia Festival Programmer & Filmmaker

I wasted so much time trying to figure out how to format a hard drive for DCPs. DCP Transfer simplified the whole process for me. Now I don't need to figure out the technical side EXT2 or linux to just copy DCPs to a hard drive. I can trust that DCP transfer formats the drives correctly and my new DCP copies will work when I send them to theaters.

Oscar Sharp Independent Filmmaker

More and more festivals now require a DCP of your film. Fortunately making them isn't too tough with the free tools out there. But then the nightmare comes when it's time to make drive copies. I used to do this for myself, and copying a DCP of 25 minute short film could take up to 24 hours. Then often the process would fail right at the end. Worse still, there was no way to be certain it worked. Cinematiq have fixed all that. Click a button and it's done, and verified, in minutes. The time and anxiety saved is worth every penny.