DCP Transfer Software

Format hard drives for DCP delivery to cinemas and film festivals, and stop paying fees to make DCP copies.
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Built For Mac OS

DCP transfer enables read/write access to Linux formatted EXT2 DCP drives using macOS.

M2 Compatible

Compatible with Apple M1/M2/M3 chips and Mac OS Sonoma.

Format Any Drive

Properly format usb or sata drives for EXT2 - the universally accepted Digital Cinema Package format.

Copy DCPs

Copy one or a batch of DCPs to your newly formatted drive with a single click.

DCP Validation

Test existing DCPs and new copies for completeness with hash check verification before shipping.

Inspect Metadata

Display important DCP information including frame rate, aspect ratio, audio type, and encryption status.
Confidently Delivery DCP Copies
Format hard drives for EXT2, the universally accepted digital cinema industry format. Easily validate and copy DCPs for distribution to any festival or theater.
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Trusted by great film festivals

DCP Transfer Pricing

Sign up for a monthly or annual subscription

Monthly License

$35/mo - billed monthly
$25 license activation fee*
Unlimited technical support
Automatically receive software updates & bug fixes
Cancel anytime! No questions asked
Annual license
$210/yr - billed annually
No activation fee
Unlimited technical support
Automatically receive software updates & bug fixes
Cancel anytime! No questions asked
One machine per license
One license migration per 30-days. If more migrations are attempted, your license key may be locked. If circumstances require you to make more than one migration in a 30-day period, please email support (dcp-transfer@cinematiq.com) for your license to be reactivated. Tested for use with Mac OS Sonoma and M1/M2 Chip Users
* One-time fee in addition to the monthly fee due at the time of purchase. Activation fee is due for each new license purchase. Former subscribers are subject to activation fee when restarting subscription after cancelation.

Press & Endorsements

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“The missing link in DCP creation”
DCP Transfer helps filmmakers ensure their DCP files are formatted properly for theatrical and festival delivery.


“Solves the issue of EXT2 drive formatting"
I’ve personally had great results with DCP Transfer. It’s extremely easy to use, highly reliable, and very affordable.

Film Editor

"How to make A DCP for film festivals”
DCP Transfer helps you to create properly formatted EXT2 drives to send to film festivals.