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Customize the in-home viewing experience of your film for small batches or large production runs.

DVD & BluRay
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Mastering and duplication company for your film on DVD or BluRay. Customize the experience with unique menus, chapter markers, subtitles, and captions. Order small batch copies or large disc runs.
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Picture Settings

BluRays | 1080p
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Audio Options

Surround sound (3.1 5.1)


Custom Menus
Chapter Markers


Printed Disc Art
Printed Case Cover Art
Case / Sleeve Inserts


Clear 5-inch Case
Black 7.5-inch Case
Paper Sleeve


DVD & BluRay Mastering

Mastering rates are based on total runtime (TRT) of your project

DVD & BluRay

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What people say about us

Jamie Meltzer
Filmmaker / Stanford Film Professor
I’ve worked with Cinematiq on the post-production of two feature documentary films and two short films, working closely with them to create a post-production workflow and the DCP materials necessary for film festival distribution. Cinematiq has been an invaluable resource meeting deadlines with no sacrifice of excellence.
H.P. Mendoza
I've had the pleasure of working with Cinematiq for DCPs on three separate films and they've always been great to work with. They're not just button pushers; they're communicative problem solvers and intuitive filmmakers and even on one of the rush jobs they were resourceful, supportive and professional. I highly recommend them to other filmmakers.
Storm Florez
I’ve worked with Cinematiq for my last three films and will continue to for future DCP and BluRay creation. Aaron, Paul, and Luke are knowledgable, great to work with, and have always been patient and kind when it came to my learning curve. Many of my existing colleagues and clients already work with them and I regularly recommend them to fellow filmmakers and clients who need DCP and BluRay creation for their projects.
Anna Moot-Levin
Cinematiq is always a pleasure to work with on creating DCPs to exhibition. They are excellent communicators and go above and beyond to answer any questions. Their delivery of masters is very timely and I would highly recommend Cinematiq to other filmmakers!
Judy Irving
I’ve had technical problems with other companies getting my two films, “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill” and “Cold Refuge,” up and running for theatrical release. Luke not only solved all my tech issues, but also educated me in a low-key, friendly, matter-of-fact way on what makes a DCP actually work!
Charles Haine
Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema
DCP Transfer by Cinematiq is the missing link in DCP creation, helping filmmakers ensure their DCP files are formatted properly for theatrical and festival delivery.
Anja Hakoshima
I had the pleasure of working with the Cinematiq team on several projects while I was Program Manager of LUNAFEST at Clif Bar & Company. Cinematiq provided equipment, the production team and the editing skills to quickly and seamlessly produce a high quality, professional video piece that was used in several ways.


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