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DCP Transfer

Easily Format Hard Drives For DCP Delivery

And stop paying fees to make DCP Copies.

Format hard drives for EXT2, the universally accepted digital cinema industry format. Easily copy and distribute DCPs for playback at any theater.

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Features & Benefits

Built For macOS

DCP transfer enables read/write access to Linux formatted EXT2 DCP drives using macOS. 

Copy DCPs

Copy one or a batch of DCPs to your newly formatted drive with one click. Easily add multiple films or trailers to a single drive ready for exhibition.

Format Drives Off The Shelf

Properly format hard drives EXT2 - the universally accepted Digital Cinema drive format.

DCP Validation 

Test existing DCPs and new copies for completeness - ensure that no corrupt elements are present before sending a drive off to festivals or an exhibition partner.

Inspect Metadata

The Package Inspector displays important DCP information including frame rate, aspect ratio, audio type, encryption status, and more!

License Information

Each license should be assigned to a single machine. You can migrate a license to a new machine once within a 30-day period. If more migrations are attempted, you may be locked out of the DCP Transfer software. If circumstances require you to make more than one migration in a 30-day period, please call or email support for your license to be reactivated.

Monthly License

  • $25/month - Billed Monthly
  • $25 License Activation Fee*
  • Unlimited Technical Support 
  • Automatically Receive Software Updates & Bug Fixes
  • Cancel Anytime! No Questions Asked

*If your subscription is canceled and you wish to start a new subscription at a later date, the one-time activation fee will be applied again on the new subscription.

Annual License

  • $12.50/month - Billed Annually
  • No Activation Fee!
  • Unlimited Technical Support 
  • Automatically Receive Software Updates & Bug Fixes
  • Cancel Anytime! No Questions Asked

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Customer Testimonials

Amanda MicheliDocumentary Filmmaker

DCP Transfer saved me a ton of time and money creating copies for all of my film festival submissions. It's the perfect DIY solution for filmmakers on a budget. Festival spec sheets can be intimidating. EXT2 Digital Cinema Standard - What does that mean? DCP Transfer is DCP delivery for dummies.

Eric Garcia Festival Programmer & Filmmaker

I wasted so much time trying to figure out how to format a hard drive for DCPs. DCP Transfer simplified the whole process for me. Now I don't need to figure out the technical side EXT2 or linux to just copy DCPs to a hard drive. I can trust that DCP transfer formats the drives correctly and my new DCP copies will work when I send them to theaters.

Oscar Sharp Independent Filmmaker

More and more festivals now require a DCP of your film. Fortunately making them isn't too tough with the free tools out there. But then the nightmare comes when it's time to make drive copies. I used to do this for myself, and copying a DCP of 25 minute short film could take up to 24 hours. Then often the process would fail right at the end. Worse still, there was no way to be certain it worked. Cinematiq have fixed all that. Click a button and it's done, and verified, in minutes. The time and anxiety saved is worth every penny.

Developed By DCP Specialists

Cinematiq has created DCPs for major film festivals including Cannes, Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, and San Francisco International. We've worked with Oscar-Nominated filmmakers, and a variety of distribution networks creating and trafficking DCPs. 


DCP Transfer will pay for itself in just one copy!

If you're unhappy with the software, Cinematiq will refund your purchase in full.

Save Money On DCP Creation

Cinematiq offers professional DCP creation services as a compliment to the DCP Transfer software. Starting at $5/minute, Cinematiq can create your DCP and deliver via digital download. Easily download your new DCP, and use DCP Transfer to create a DCP delivery drive ready to be sent to theaters and film festivals. Complete the process in just a few clicks.

DCP Transfer is also a great solution for DIY filmmakers creating their own DCP with AutoDCP, OpenDCP, and DCP-o-matic. If you already have a complete DCP package, use DCP Transfer to create properly formatted hard drives for delivery to screening partners.

Cloud-based DCP Conversion Just $5 per Minute!

Looking for an automated DCP creation solution?

DCP Transfer is a proud partner of AutoDCP - An automated tool that creates DCPs in the cloud for as little as $5/min

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Want to make sure DCP Transfer is right for you?

 Call or email Cinematiq for specific questions about your project. We'll do our best to respond within 1-2 business days.

Read through the DCP Transfer User Guide & FAQ to see screenshots of features and workflows.